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Birds & Insect Clusters

Small Butterfly Bevel Cluster Small Butterfly Bevel Cluster
$21.95   $14.95
Glassmith Studios Premium Bevel Cluster This clear bevel cluster measures 6-1/4" x 6-3/4" when assembled, includes 9 pieces. Patterns for this bevel cluster can be found in "Northern Lights", #6315, "Work in Progress", #6359 and "Studio Designs Series 1", #6736. Looking for a free pattern? Click on "View User Manual" to download a pattern that incorporates this bevel cluster. Enlarge pattern to fit the size of the cluster. Pattern designed by Glassmith Studios, and available by permission on Want even... more more info
Product Features
  • Use as a suncatcher or as part of a larger stained glass project
  • Measures 6-1/4" x 6-3/4", 9 pieces
  • Free pattern available for download

item: GST140C
Colored Bluejay Bevel Cluster
50 stars [1]
$63.95 $43.95
32% off
item: GST10
Soaring Eagle Bevel Cluster
50 stars [2]
$149.95 $104.95
31% off
item: GST106C
item: GST18
Heron Bevel Cluster
$153.95 $107.95
30% off
item: GST3
Small Butterfly Bevel Cluster
50 stars [1]
$21.95 $14.95
32% off
item: GST19
Hummingbird 2 Bevel Cluster
50 stars [1]
$22.95 $15.95
31% off
item: GST131C
Blue Colored Macaw Bevel Cluster
$151.95 $99.95
35% off
item: GST8
Flying Dove Bevel Cluster
50 stars [1]
$25.95 $17.95
31% off
item: GST15L
Peacock Bevel Cluster - Faces Left
$99.95 $68.95
32% off
item: GST129C
Colored Bumble Bee Bevel Cluster
$30.95 $20.95
33% off
item: GST12
Eagle II Bevel Cluster
$127.95 $88.95
31% off
item: GST118C
item: GST15R
Peacock Bevel Cluster - Faces Right
$99.95 $68.95
32% off
item: GST9
Large Hummingbird Bevel Cluster
$76.95 $52.95
32% off
item: GST113C
item: GS114CR
item: GST2R
Dove Bevel Cluster - Faces Right
$38.95 $26.95
31% off
item: GST6
Glue Chip Dragonfly Bevel Cluster
$32.95 $22.95
31% off
item: GST18L
Heron Bevel Cluster - Facing Left
$159.95 $109.95
32% off
item: GST120C
item: GST2L
Dove Bevel Cluster - Faces Left
$38.95 $26.95
31% off
item: GST4
item: GST20