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Clarion Bevel Cluster

$99.95 USD
Item# MB76
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Product Features

  • Slanted edges refract light into a rainbow of colors
  • Beveled glass creates beautiful sparkles of light
  • The perfect focal point for your door panel
  • 10 piece bevel cluster measures 6" x 33".

Product Description

Upgrade the look of your entry with elegant, sparkling bevel clusters!
This beautiful door bevel is sure to add interest and elegance to your entry way. 10 piece bevel cluster measures 6" x 33".

MIKA clusters are made of 5mm float glass, have an 1/2" bevel, and a 3mm edge. Please allow for slight variation in sizing due to hand beveling.

Delphi Tip: Always lay out bevel clusters on pattern before cutting glass to adjust for small differences. Turn cluster horizontally to make a transom window.  

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