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Glass Frit - 90 COE

Elephant Opal Medium Frit - 90 COE Elephant Opal Medium Frit - 90 COE
Buy 3 or more for $5.95 each
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Try a Little -- Top Quality Glass Frit in Small, Convenient Bottles Bullseye frits are made from crushed, screened and magnetically cleaned Bullseye Fusible sheet glass. Use glass frit for your pate de verre and glass casting projects, or add pizzazz to your fusing and kiln-formed glass jewelry. Packaged in a wide-mouth 5 ounce bottle. It provides you with plenty of frit to last for a number of projects, but not so much that you waste space in your... more more info
Product Features
  • Convenient, easy to store 5 oz jars
  • Rich opalescent color
  • Tested compatible 90 COE
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40 Lb Bulk Clear Medium Frit - 90 COE
$284.95 $199.93
30% off
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5 Lb Black Opal Medium Frit - 90 COE
$49.95 $33.93
33% off
item: B010198
item: B110192
item: B8314
item: B141981
item: B030581
Specially formulated fusible glass is tested for it's COE rating (coefficient of expansion) and is designed specifically for kiln firing. Delphi carries a wide selection of both 90 and 96 COE (coefficient of expansion) fusible glass in a variety of textures and colors.

Delphi Tip: See our Fusing Supplies to find project books, beginner kits, tools and embellishments to fire up your creativity.

Please Note: Never mix 90 and 96 COE glass in a project. It will cause stress and result in your piece breaking. When fusing, fire with one COE if combining glass pieces.