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Glass Casting Molds

Branches Casting and Slumping Mold Branches Casting And Slumping Mold
Colour de Verre molds are the simple way to cast glass. Merge the age-old art of pate de verre glass casting with modern technology and contemporary design! Create pieces that are beautiful enough to stand alone or to incorporate into larger projects. The open, hollow design promotes even heating and cooling. Molds can be filled with glass frit, powder, or sheet glass. Create life-like twigs to incorporate with floral art castings into a larger design. Branches combined with flowers and leaves or pine cones and... more more info
Product Features
  • Create three different branches at once!
  • Twig designs hold 7, 23, and 32 grams of frit.
  • Ceramic molds can be used many times

item: 42336
item: 80910
4" Butterfly Casting Mold
50 stars [1]
Mix & Match 3 for $25.55 ea
item: 77917
item: 80785
Small Round Buttons Casting Mold
40 stars [1]
$20.95 $15.95
24% off
item: 806199
item: 77913
item: 80786
Large Round Buttons Casting Mold
30 stars [2]
$20.95 $15.95
24% off
item: 42337
Foot Casting Mold And Rings
$59.95 $49.95
17% off
item: 806165
item: 806162
Dam Mold
40 stars [3]
item: 77900
item: 77918
item: 77886
item: 62806
item: 80787
Square Buttons Casting Mold
$20.95 $15.95
24% off
item: 80792
Firefly Casting Mold
$17.95 $11.00
39% off
item: 77851
item: 62824
item: 77819
item: 806823
item: 94713
item: 80784
Square Buckles Casting Mold
$20.95 $15.95
24% off
item: 80724
item: 806827
item: 806828
item: 77881
item: 806201
item: 92342
item: 806826
Small Journey Holey Mold
Mix & Match 3 for $15.25 ea
item: 94711
item: 80723
item: 77860
item: 806198
item: 77802
item: 806128
item: 77885
item: 80649
item: 80900
item: 92386
Whether casting an entire project, embellishments for a larger project or creating fabulous custom jewelry Delphi offers a mold for every project! Delphi tip: When casting glass be sure to use a high-temp mold release such as Primo Primer or MR-97.