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Table and Wall Display

10-3/4 Simple Table Stand 10-3/4" Simple Table Stand
Stands to Compliment Your Art High quality stand displays your fused, sandblasted, mosaic or stained glass art beautifully. Stand measures 10-3/4" wide x 1-1/2" high. Minimalistic style and black matte finish showcase your art. Delphi Tip: To ensure a perfect fit, buy your frame first. Each frame may vary slightly in fit due to manufacturing or finishing. The best way to make sure that your project fits a frame neatly is to purchase the frame first, then adjust the pattern as needed to... more more info

item: 97203
8" Premium Square Wrought Iron Stand
50 stars [1]
$28.95 $22.95
21% off
item: 97201
12" Premium Square Wrought Iron Stand
50 stars [1]
$29.95 $23.95
21% off
item: 97204
item: 81306
item: 426664
14" Round Black Iron Art Holder
$22.95 $12.95
44% off
item: 103803
item: 426668
14" Square Black Iron Art Holder
$22.95 $10.95
53% off
item: 12612
item: 81307
item: 81305
item: 12608
item: 97205
item: 97206
item: 81308
item: 12610
item: 97208
8" Silver Coated Universal Stand
$21.95 $19.95
$2.00 off
item: 103809
item: 103804
item: 81304
item: 63920
item: 627154
item: 627155
item: 97207
item: 97200
item: 81310
item: 81311
item: 4272
item: 103808
item: 62829
item: 62830
item: 81312
3/8" Wall Art Bracket
3 for $5.95 ea
item: 81313
1" Wall Art Bracket
3 for $5.95 ea
item: 20501
item: 627163
item: 81302
5" Bowl Stand
item: 30031
item: 627191
item: 30030
item: 81303
10" Bowl Stand
35 stars [2]
item: 627172
item: 20511
Display your glass art. Choose from a wide selection of metal stands for indoor and outdoor use. Many of our stands are constructed from wrought iron for exceptional quality. Table-top stands are ideal for displaying glass in your store, studio or gallery, or use these small displays in your home on top of tables and inside cabinets. Also find hardware including night light clips and wall display systems.

Delphi Tip: The best way to make sure that your glass project fits inside any display neatly is to first purchase the display, then adjust the pattern as needed to fit the frame’s opening.