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Books & DVDs

Essential Beadmaking DVD Essential Beadmaking DVD
Buy 2 or more for $33.95 each
Buy 3 or more for $31.95 each
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This visual encyclopedia of designs and techniques is perfect for the beginning soft glass beadmaker, or for the flameworker who wants to experiment with new techniques and borosilicate glass. Covers shaping, artwork and designs, filigrana, latticino, ribbons, furrowing, Italian and Boro glass, mandrel beads, inside out tubing beads, bead sets, pinching, poking and more! The 3-D animations and illustrations simplify even the most complicated techniques. Also includes a Bonus Glass Gallery. Features high definition filming so you can clearly see techniques in the flame (see image... more more info
Product Features
  • Explains each technique from start to finish
  • Even beginners can follow to create beautiful beads
  • Informative diagrams
  • Up-close "high definition" filming so you can see what's going on!
  • Bead gallery for ideas and inspiration

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Essential Lampworking I DVD
Mix & Match 2 for $33.95 ea
item: 5950
item: 6418
item: 7594D
Essential Marbles DVD
Mix & Match 2 for $33.95 ea
item: 6180
item: 6119
Make It Profitable
Mix & Match 3 for $15.25 ea
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item: 6075
Glass Bead Inspirations
Mix & Match 3 for $16.95 ea
item: 6840
Glass Beads
Mix & Match 3 for $16.95 ea
item: 6209
Creating Glass Beads
Mix & Match 3 for $22.45 ea
item: 6453
Penland Book Of Glass
Mix & Match 3 for $17.95 ea
item: 6308D
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item: 6204D
Learn to make glass beads and other flameworking projects with these instructional books and DVDs. Find patterns and projects, get detailed directions on a technique, or learn how to sell your lampworked beads.

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