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Spectrum & 96 COE Glass

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Owl Millefiori - 96 COE
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Y-96 Gold Transparent - 96 COE
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System 96 Delphi is the source for System 96 Spectrum and Uroboros fusible glass. System 96 glass is machine rolled and easy to cut. The consistency in color and texture make this an ideal glass for those new to glass fusing.

System 96 makes it easy to get creative with innovative 96 COE glass supplies, including gorgeous frit blends and time-saving pre-cut glass shapes, perfect for beginners and anyone short on time.

Delphi Tip: Combine fusible glass with 96 COE Dichroic Glass to make shimmering fused glass jewelry or art.

Please Note: Do not mix 90 and 96 COE glass. Mixing COE’s in a project will cause stress resulting in stress fractures and breaking. If combining glass when fusing, fire with glass of the same COE.