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Cold Working Tools

CrystalMaster Pro 12 Lap Grinder Kit CrystalMaster Pro 12 Lap Grinder Kit
$1,899.95   $1,849.95
Professional Grade Grinder and Polisher The CrystalMaster Pro 12 Lap Grinder is designed for the serious hobbyist and professional. No other machine does what a lap grinder can do. It will give your glass project a professional finished look with ease. It can even give a smooth edge to large projects like the 18" fused table top shown above. A must for the serious cold glass worker and fuser! The giant 12" capacity is perfect for cold working... more more info
Product Features
  • Full 12" (no arbor hole) disc capacity
  • Magnetic disc holding system
  • Brush type splash guard allows large work pieces to pass through while keeping spray inside
  • Direct water supply connections or recirculating using a submersible pump (sold separately)
  • Flexible coolant spout directs heavy coolant stream to any area of cutting surface
  • 12" blank precision ground steel support plate

item: 6910
CrystalMaster Pro 12 Lap Grinder Kit
50 stars [4]
$1,899.95 $1,849.95
$50.00 off
item: 84101
Gryphon Wet Belt Sander
30 stars [16]
$249.95 $239.95
$10.00 off
item: 7390
item: 86910
item: 72601
item: 75401
item: 77000
item: 77006
item: 67310
item: 5169
item: 60161
item: 84106
item: 60160
item: 77022
item: 77040
item: 77012
item: 60145
item: 30365
item: 60106
item: 438275
item: 438600
Inland 8 Diamond Flat Lap - 600 Grit
$69.95 $47.93
32% off
item: 7302
item: 94807
item: 84103
item: 7914
item: 84199
item: 60127
item: 60132
item: 84200
item: 16622
item: 84195
item: 76412
Micro Chuck
Cold Working is the final step in making beautiful fused glass art. Smooth and polish edges add a professional, finished look. Delphi offers a wide variety of cold-working tools including belt sanders, lap grinders, glass drill bits and other specialty tools.