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Enamels & Paints

Hues 2 Fuse Color Starter Kit Hues 2 Fuse Color Starter Kit
Vibrantly Colored, Non-toxic, Food Safe Pigments! Hues 2 Fuse can be applied to a wide range of glass and ceramic surfaces. Use stencils to easily sift colors onto project, mix with Glass Media liquid and paint on your design, or create rustic designs using the sgraffito (scratching) technique. You can even stamp designs onto the glass for even more creative options! Works with all glass COE's and ceramics. The Hues 2 Fuse Color Starter Kit comes with 8 dry colors (27 grams each),... more more info
Product Features
  • Easy to add color to your glass or ceramic projects
  • Sprinkle, paint, stamp or use the sgraffito technique
  • Works with any glass COE

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Glass enamels and glass paints are especially designed for firing in a kiln and are available in a variety of colors. Add intricate detail or words to your art, use to create traditional painted stained glass windows, even create your very own cloisonne jewelry and beads. The possibilities are endless!