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Holey Molds Sale EZ-Pro Kilns Up to $100 Off BOGO JW Wire

Fiber Paper & Shelf Wash

1/4 Fiber Paper - 24 x 24 1/4" Fiber Paper - 24" x 24"
Buy 3 or more for $42.45 each
Thick papers and "felt" are super versatile! Line your kiln shelf for multiple firings and to emboss a gentle texture, place between glass layers to create an opening, or cut and layer shapes for relief designs. 1/4" thick fiber paper, also called "Fiber Felt", is ideal for creating dimensional designs. Cuts easily and leaves a deep impression. Sheet measures 24" x 24" x 1/4" thick. Clear iridized poinsettia platter created by artist Tia Collin. Ornaments created by artist George Ayars.... more more info
Product Features
  • Use as a fusing surface
  • Eliminates the need for kiln wash
  • Measures 24" x 24" x 1/4" thick
  • Use to layer shapes for relief designs
  • Place between glass layers to create an opening

item: 740525
item: 92811
1/8" Fiber Paper - 24" x 24"
50 stars [2]
3 for $29.75 ea
item: 92805
1/4" Fiber Paper - 24" x 24"
50 stars [1]
3 for $42.45 ea
item: 92803
1" Thick Fiber DuraBlanket
50 stars [1]
3 for $16.95 ea
item: 48230
item: 92819
item: 7465
item: 54750
item: 54725
item: 54725PK
item: 128220
Bullseye Shelf Primer 5 Lbs. Bucket
$27.95 $17.95
36% off
item: 92801
item: 92809
1/32" Fiber Paper - 24" x 24"
45 stars [3]
3 for $12.75 ea
item: 7466
item: 92807
item: 4850
item: 54724
item: 48215
item: 427847
item: 42338
item: 7465FM
item: 425738
item: 425737
item: 5052
item: 92810
item: 67477
item: 92802
Prevent your fused glass from sticking to your mold or kiln shelf. Kiln paper is made from ceramic fiber and can simply be laid on top of a kiln shelf. Shelf wash, also called kiln wash, needs to be applied to molds and shelves after every few firings.

Delphi Tip: Fiber products, like fiber paper and rope, can be used for shaping, creating open spaces to your glass art and creating relief designs.