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Fusing Embellishments

Colorobbia Liquid Gold - 2gm Colorobbia Liquid Gold - 2gm
Add elegant real gold accents to your fused art with liquid metals. Colorobbia Bright Gold is easy to apply with a brush, or for more control use with an outline pen (such as item #1553 or #1554). Simply fill pen with metals to write and draw fine details. Clean and dry glass surface thoroughly before using - do not apply where a grease pencil, carbon tracing, turpentine or finger has been applied. Bright Gold contains 10-11 percent gold by weight and fires to a brilliant finish between 1150° and 1300°... more more info
Product Features
  • Contains 10-11 percent gold by weight
  • Easy to use - apply with a brush or outline pen
  • Fires to a brilliant finish
  • Colorobbia products are the most popular fired metallics in Europe

item: FW8785
Fuseworks Image Art - 25 Pack
$39.75 $17.00
58% off
item: FW8782
Fuseworks Image Art - 10 Sheets
$15.75 $7.00
56% off
item: 30388
Herb Black Enamel Decals
Mix & Match 3 for $10.95 ea
item: 30389
item: 65508
Stockings Premium Stencil
Mix & Match 3 for $10.95 ea
item: 40440
Angel Black Enamel Decals
$9.95 $7.00
30% off
item: 40458
item: 9445
item: 78900
item: 68711
item: 85086
item: 85087
item: RBCF
Customize your fused glass projects with a huge assortment of embellishments. Find fusible decals, dichroic slide, fine wire, stencils and much more. Delphi has everything you need to add unique detail to your work.

Delphi Tip: Embellishments are compatible with all fusible glass.