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Fusing Tools

Toyo Pistol Grip Tap Wheel Oil Cutter for Thick Glass Toyo Pistol Grip Tap Wheel Oil Cutter For Thick Glass
Cutting thick glass and cast glass slabs doesn't have to be a chore. This specially designed cutter has a unique 155° cutting wheel and axle to produce a deeper score. The Tap Wheel technology allows the cutting head to roll smoothly while exerting a unique tapping pressure that allows the score to penetrate deeper, producing uniform, smooth breaks even on glass up to 3/4" thick.... more more info

item: 4814
item: 7346
item: 425710
Graphite Tongs
30 stars [1]
item: 17101
item: 57108
item: 77820
item: 63999
Frit Sifter
45 stars [9]
item: 63998
item: 75520
item: 103399
Stress Tester
item: 96601
Digital Scale
30 stars [2]
item: 9760
1/4" Brush
item: 9761
3/4" Brush
item: 94702
item: 75524
item: 67312
Find essential glass tools for your fusing projects. Delphi offers supplies for your kiln-formed art, Fire Damz, glass frit makers, and more great tools for your hot glass projects.
Delphi Tip: Delphi's Glass Experts are always searching for the latest tools and supplies. See our New Fusing Products.