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Kiln Furniture

15 x 21 Rectangle Kiln Shelf 15" x 21" Rectangle Kiln Shelf
Protect the floor of your larger kiln. Kiln shelves are a must. Use this shelf in combination with two #74210 for Evenheat's production kilns GTS 2541-9 #2541RM and GTS 2541-13 #254113R. Please note that kiln shelf may vary in size and shape from listing due to manufacturing process.... more more info

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item: 74210
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10" Fire Damz
item: 64413
8" Fire Damz
item: 64412
6" Fire Damz
item: 64411
15" Fire Damz
40 stars [1]
item: 64410
12" Fire Damz
item: 42936
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item: 42931
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Find the right glass kiln for you! Delphi offers wide variety of kiln from small table top models to large studio kilns with all of the accessories you need to get started. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect kiln for your glass studio.