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Angle Dam Mold by Creative Paradise

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Dam Mold

Product Description

Durable ceramic molds from Creative Paradise can be used many times. This angled dam mold makes it easy to make pattern bars or thick fused glass. Unique shape produces triangular prism shape castings. Interior measures 6-1/2" x 1-1/2" wide x 1" deep.

Step-By-Step: Pattern Bar Necklace
Step 1. Cut up small pieces of your favorite glass or use scrap glass to create a base layer.
Step 2. Use long strips of fiber felt (item#4824) to create the channels. Fill around the fiber with scrap glass.
Step 3. Fuse in kiln. Use a tool like the Super Slicer (item#57108) to cut the glass into pattern bars.
Step 4. Fire polish in kiln. Thread a necklace through the exposed channel. Wear your creation proudly!

Mold and project images courtesy of Creative Paradise. Pattern bar platter by Artist Thomas Stout.

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