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Twofers Grinder Bits Sale Annual System 96 Glass Sale Spectrum Sale Twofers Grinder Bits Sale Annual System 96 Glass Sale Spectrum Sale

Drill Bits & Engravers

1/4 Glastar Diamond Drill Bit 1/4" Glastar Diamond Drill Bit
Diamond drill bits from Glastar make holes in glass fast. Make openings for clockworks, jewelry and other things. They work with any electric drill and only need water as a lubricant. Each bit drills 50-60 holes. Made with a patented diamond bonding process for extra long life.... more more info

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Micro Chuck
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Diamond coated bits attach easily to a drill or rotary tool and come in a wide variety of sizes, from micro jewelry bits to large core bits, allowing for practically any size hole in your glass project. Also find glass engravers and bits for creating surface designs and signing your artwork.