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Workbench Supplies

Bench Brush Bench Brush
Keeps your work surface clear of glass chips to help avoid incidental cuts and accidental glass breaks. Brush measures 3" wide x 13-1/2" long overall.... more more info

item: 7373
item: 427015
Glass Organizer
45 stars [3]
$14.95 $10.95
27% off
item: 7151
item: 92701
item: 69708
item: 5140
Bench Brush
50 stars [3]
item: 5123
item: 1915
Delphi Apron
40 stars [1]
item: 69720
Tool Pouch
40 stars [2]
item: 62604
Deluxe Magna-Visor
40 stars [1]
$14.95 $9.95
34% off
item: 69725
Bench Top Organizer
$59.95 $49.95
17% off
item: 79012
item: 69756
item: 54202
item: 426702
item: 69777
Pliers Block
item: 9650
item: 7230
Extra Hands
45 stars [2]
item: 67311
item: 54244
item: 5127
item: 92703
You'll find these workbench essentials to be extremely helpful for all types of glass or jewelry projects. Keep your workstation clean and well organized with these popular supplies including lights and magnifiers to help you see your project in detail.