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Etching & Engraving

Carbide Scribe Carbide Scribe
Easily write on glass and metal with this durable tungsten carbide tip scribe. Scribe works just like a pen, enabling you to sign and date your stained glass projects and even mark valuables. Great for bandsaw owners to use for marking pattern lines that won't wash away when cutting.... more more info

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The Joy Of Coldworking
50 stars [1]
Mix & Match 3 for $42.45 ea
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Over N Over Face Elements Stencil
3 for $5.85 ea
item: 5536
Craft Knife
item: 12901
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Glass Etching
Mix & Match 3 for $21.25 ea
item: 129492
Over N Over Script Alphabet Stencil
Buy 3 or more for $16.95 ea
item: 1295
Over N Over Stencil Material
3 for $6.85 ea
item: 6216
Creative Glass Etching
Mix & Match 3 for $5.95 ea
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item: 7347
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Glass etching and engraving are easy once you have the right supplies. Create decorative finishes on stained glass, fused projects, bevels or any glass surface.

Delphi Tip: Etching and engraving creates a delicate frosted surface. For deeper carvings use Sandblasting Equipment.