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Silver Leaf Sheets Silver Leaf Sheets
Use for leafing in glass or to add beautiful accents to the bead of your choice. Cut small strips and place on the Graphite Paddle. Then roll a hot bead over it to pick up the silver leaf. Layer clear or light colors over leaf for remarkable effects! A-3 3/8" square sheet makes approximately 50 beads. Silver leaf sheets are extremely delicate and are meant for embellishments. For best results work off of a flat surface such as graphite paddle or sheet glass. Can also be used in fusing, resin... more more info

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The Joy Of Coldworking
50 stars [1]
Mix & Match 3 for $42.45 ea
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Dust Collector
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Craft Knife
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Glass Etching
Mix & Match 3 for $21.25 ea
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Create a frosted, three-dimensional surface on glass or mirror. Delphi's affordable, compact sandblasters can be used to create everything from a frosted surface to deep contours.

Delphi Makes It Easy: For other decorative finishes on glass consider Etching & Engraving.