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Mosaic Tiles

Light Green Opaque Stained Glass Chips - 48 Pieces Light Green Opaque Stained Glass Chips - 48 Pieces
$4.95   $2.00
3/4" square chips can be easily nipped to create shapes and background pieces. Opaque glass is solid, so you can mosaic on anything, including wood. This fantastic pack is perfect for quick weekend projects. Contains approximately 48 pieces. Projects shown courtesy of Diamond Tech.... more more info
Product Features
  • Save time - no glass cutting needed to make incredible mosaics
  • Opaque glass chips work for any mosaic application
  • 3/4" Square glass chips can be easily nipped for custom shapes

item: 427352
item: 426359
item: 426352
item: 427359
item: 425556
item: 425122
item: 425130
item: 425557
1/2" Silver Tapestry Mirror Tiles
30 stars [1]
3 for $3.35 ea
item: 425725B
item: 425720B
item: 427566
item: 42756A
1/2" Mirror Tile Variety Mix - 1/2 Lb
3 for $14.45 ea
item: 4275AB
Silver Mirror Shape Asstortment
3 for $10.95 ea
item: 92002
item: 92006
item: 425550
1/2" Red Mirror Tiles
3 for $3.35 ea
item: 426253
item: 425102
item: 426276
item: 426281
item: 426325
item: 425117
item: 426266
item: 426271
Delphi offers a wide selection mosaic tiles for all your crafting needs! Choose from a glass tile, glass chips and ceramic tile in a variety of colors and shapes.

Delphi Tip: Tiles make it easy to create consistent geometric designs quickly and without cutting glass!