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Tips & Techniques

In today's world Delphi stands out by offering friendly, personalized, and expert service. Our staff knows stained glass, fusing, mosaics and jewelry crafts because we love creating using these techniques. In fact, some of us are even teachers. Here is a sampling of the many questions and comments we have received from you and would like to share with you. Don't be surprised if you discover a letter of your own.

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Glass Fusing Comment by cucabee on Thursday, July 24, 2014
Hello, I have done stained glass for maybe 10 years, just small things mostly for the enjoyment of making things for myself or as gifts. I recently purchased a used a Jen-Ken Kiln Bead Annealer with a 4 " flip door and with a AF3P ore-programmed "One Smart Controller". After several attempts I have ALMOST got the fused barrettes right, EXCEPT for they all have many "points" of sharp glass around the edges after fusing. I have tried gently grinding them off then doing a fire polish. It did work, but would like to know a way to NOT have the "points" on them to begin with. I asked on a Yahoo fusing group I belong to, and the below #'s were suggested to me. 500 to 1100; hold 30 500 to 1460; hold 20 <<<<< this segment would adjust up or down in time/temp depending upon results AFAP to 950; hold 30 I tired it, the glass looked like it barely got fused at all. SO could someone there suggest something different. I don't want to give up ;-)
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Fusing Tips Comment by Janelle K. on Friday, July 18, 2014
I have purchased several molds and am finally getting around to prepping them for use. One of the direction sheets included suggested pre-firing @ 90F/hr up to 1470F, with no holding time and to let it cool on it's own. Other molds do not have any directions at all, but I was told by a sales person to just pray on the mold release and heat in oven to 400F after it had dried for 20 minutes. Do I need to pre-fire my molds? They are all pretty small. None of them are more than 30cm in size. I'm excited about all the possibilities with the molds but, frankly, am a bit intimidated and don't want to ruin them (or the glass) right off the bat. Janelle
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