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Flameworking Sale

Parallel Bead Press Parallel Bead Press
$26.95   $21.95
As a flameworker, your tools are essential to the forming of your beads. A bead press is an easy way to make flattened beads or 3-D shapes. Simply place your molten bead or gather between the paddles and squeeze. Adjustable height feature allows you to control the amount of pressure applied to the glass while creating consistent sized beads. 11-1/4" long, paddles are 2" x 2".... more more info
Product Features
  • Create flat beads and unique shapes - perfect for on or off the mandrel!
  • Rubber grip handles are comfortable and easy to use

item: 6996
Leaf Masher - 3 Pack
50 stars [1]
$54.95 $47.95
$7.00 off
item: 68801
Chili Pepper Bead Annealer Kiln
50 stars [2]
$724.95 $699.95
$25.00 off
item: 425736D
item: 306005
Spatula Tool Set
50 stars [1]
$9.95 $7.95
21% off
item: 9198
item: 332216
Sludge Plus - 16 Oz
50 stars [1]
$28.95 $23.95
18% off
item: 425632
Fireworks Bead Making Kit
40 stars [6]
$114.95 $93.95
19% off
item: 425723
Fireworks Tool Rest
50 stars [1]
$7.95 $5.95
26% off
item: 325204
Parallel Bead Press
$26.95 $21.95
19% off
item: 9155
item: 9159
item: 425705
Fireworks Heat Resistant Work Surface
45 stars [2]
$17.95 $13.95
23% off