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20 Percent Off 20 Percent Off Annual System 96 Glass Sale Spectrum Sale Annual System 96 Glass Sale Spectrum Sale

Fusible Glass Sale

24 x 24 Spectrum Amazon Green On Clear Streaky 24" x 24" Spectrum Amazon Green On Clear Streaky
large 24" x 24" sale $35.75

Beautiful Color Mixes Spectrum offers opaque colored glass with clear streaks mixed throughout. Because light transmission is lower, this glass is useful for room dividers, fire screens or where ever you only want a small amount of light to come through. The reflective streaky opal provides vibrant wash of color for any application. 96 COE. For FedEx shipping 24" x 24" glass is cut to two 12" x 24" pieces.

Photo is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary... more more info

item: X10010
item: XFR10
item: S96PACK
System 96 Rack Pack Glass Pack - 96 COE
$424.95 $349.95
18% off
item: 4068F
item: X151-MD
item: X1002M-MD
item: X100ICE-MD
item: x602502-MD
12" x 12" Uroboros Red Opal - 96 COE
$25.75 $20.55
21% off
item: X138AV-MD
item: X3972-MD
item: X4107-MD
item: X22672-MD
item: X209-MD
item: X23076-MD
item: X1151-MD
item: x602502-LG
24" x 24" Uroboros Red Opal - 96 COE
$102.95 $82.15
21% off
item: X21174-md
item: X62352-MD
item: X1129-MD
item: X100ICE-LG
item: X60602-md
item: X60625-MD
item: X6056GI-MD
item: X1125-LG
item: X1129-LG
item: X1145-LG
item: X1151-LG
item: X1256-lg
item: X14406-LG
item: X6029-LG
item: X27171-MD
item: X23354-MD
item: X28072-MD
item: X22076-MD
item: x23374-MD
item: X1002ICE-MD
item: X5281-MD
item: X5331-MD
item: X209-LG
item: X60602-lg
item: X60618-LG
item: X60625-LG
item: X612502-LG
item: X1002M-LG
item: X151I-MD
item: X606120-LG
item: X606125-LG
item: X21572-MD
item: X6056GI-LG
item: X6077-LG
item: X10092M-MD
item: X5333-MD
item: X1125-MD
item: X128AV-MD
item: X60070-lg
item: X60078-LG
item: X60421-lg
item: X604240-LG
item: X604245-LG