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Fusible Glass Sale


item: XW0396-MD
item: XW0196-MD
10" x 16" Wissmach Clear - 96 COE
$6.15 $4.85
22% off
item: XW0296-MD
item: W0090-MD
item: W0090-LG
16" x 21" Wissmach Clear - 90 COE
$12.25 $9.65
22% off
item: XW0196L-LG
item: XW0396-LG
item: XW0396L-LG
item: XW0596L-LG
item: XW0696L-LG
item: XW0796L-LG
item: XW0896L-LG
item: XW0996L-LG
item: XW1196L-LG
item: XW1496L-LG
item: XW1696L-LG
item: XW2096L-LG
item: XW0496-LG
item: XW0696-LG
item: XW0796-LG
item: XW0896-LG
item: XW0996-LG
item: XW1196-LG
item: XW1396-LG
item: XW1496-LG
item: XW1696-LG
item: XW1796-LG
item: XW1896-LG
item: XW1996-LG
item: XW2096-LG
item: XW0196-LG
16" x 20" Wissmach Clear - 96 COE
$12.25 $9.65
22% off
item: XW0296-LG
item: W00902-MD
item: W1490-LG
item: XW0196L-MD
item: XW0396L-MD
item: XW0596L-MD
item: XW0696L-MD
item: XW0796L-MD
item: XW0896L-MD
item: XW0996L-MD
item: XW1196L-MD
item: XW1496L-MD
item: XW1696L-MD
item: XW2096L-MD
item: XW0296L-LG
item: XW0496L-LG
item: XW1596L-LG
item: XW0496-MD
item: XW0596-MD
item: XW0696-MD
item: XW0796-MD
item: XW0896-MD
item: XW0996-MD
item: XW1196-MD
item: XW1296-MD
item: XW1396-MD
item: XW1496-MD
item: XW1696-MD