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Streaky & Wispy

spectrum light orange & white wispy Spectrum Light Orange & White Wispy
medium 12" x 12"  $11.45
Buy 12 or more for $9.15 each
large 16" x 24"  $30.45

Beautiful Color Mixes Spectrum's White Wispy line offers cathedral colored glass with white streaks mixed throughout. Because the glass is primarily transparent, this glass is useful for suncatchers, panels, and glass on glass mosaics.

Photo is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary... more more info
Product Features
  • Perfect for beginners - easy to cut
  • Glass is machine rolled for a consistent pattern and smooth surface texture
  • Spectrum wispy glass is primarily cathedral with thin wisps of white streaks
  • Good for stained glass projects

item: S3492
item: S89161
Spectrum Pink Champagne Opal
40 stars [1]
Starting at $6.75
item: SI3591
item: S3176
item: S3791
item: S3671
Spectrum Yellow & White Opal
50 stars [2]
Starting at $11.45
item: S3691
Spectrum Yellow & White Wispy
50 stars [1]
Starting at $11.45
item: S3396
item: S3276
item: S307
Spectrum Clear & White Opal
50 stars [1]
Starting at $6.45
item: SI83391
item: SI307
item: S83351
Spectrum White & Sky Blue Opal
50 stars [1]
Starting at $6.75
item: S6417
item: S41115
item: S3292
item: S308
item: S20161
Spectrum Ivory/Clear Opal
50 stars [1]
Starting at $5.55
item: S305
Spectrum White & Clear Opal
50 stars [2]
Starting at $5.55
item: S3172
item: S3356
Spectrum White & Dark Blue Opal
40 stars [1]
Starting at $6.75
item: SI84392
item: S3651
Spectrum White & Yellow Opal
40 stars [1]
Starting at $8.35
item: S3852
item: S83874
item: SI6098
item: S3591
Spectrum Red & White Wispy
45 stars [2]
Starting at $10.55
item: S3471
item: S3171
item: S6237
item: S3872
Spectrum Gray & White Opal
30 stars [1]
Starting at $6.75
item: S3891
item: S3196
item: S83492
Spectrum Violet Wispy
Starting at $6.75
item: S309
Spectrum Clear & White Wispy
50 stars [1]
Starting at $6.45
item: S3352
item: S6337
item: SI3396
item: X40009
item: S3571
Spectrum Red & White Opal
Starting at $10.55
item: S6755
item: S3296
item: S6227
Spectrum Forest Green Opal
Starting at $6.75
item: SI3296
item: SI3371
item: S3191
item: SI82392
item: S89181
item: S3751
Spectrum White & Orange Opal
Starting at $8.35
item: S82398
item: S3376
item: S3391
item: S3392
item: S3371
item: S3372
item: S3291
item: S3496
item: S3252
Spectrum is a wonderfully versatile art glass available in a wide variety of colors, textures and transparencies. This glass cuts very smoothly and is incredibly consistent in color and texture, making it a favorite among beginners and professional artists alike.
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