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Copper Foil & Supplies

Glastar Foiling Machine Glastar Foiling Machine
$31.95   $29.95
The Glasfoiler is a great assistant when foiling stained glass pieces. Just press your glass edge into the slot and pull the piece downward. The Glasfoiler automatically peels off the paper backing, centers foil on the edge of glass while partially crimping it around the glass edges. Adjustable tension wheels hold 3/16", 1/4", or 7/32" foil for quick application to glass. Can be mounted to your work surface with four screws (included). Note: Studio Pro Copper Foil does not... more more info
Product Features
  • A great time saver for all copper foil projects
  • Peels off paper backing from foil tape while also centering and partially crimping it around edges
  • Simple to use and reload; works with most common foil sizes

item: 68101
Table Foiler
50 stars [18]
item: 5215
Glastar Foiling Machine
40 stars [12]
$31.95 $29.95
$2.00 off
item: 425681
item: 36800
item: 5597
item: 166538
item: 5595
item: 5566
item: 5596
item: 175012
1/2" Copper Foil - 1.5 Mil
40 stars [1]
Mix & Match 3 for $12.75 ea
item: 5565
item: 5572
item: 425680
item: 2553
50 stars [1]
item: 5568
item: 5571
item: 5562
1/4" Copper Foil - 1.5 Mil
45 stars [4]
Mix & Match 3 for $8.45 ea
item: 5561
item: 5196
item: 1772516
item: 1773516
item: 176538
item: 5598
item: 5570
item: 425690
item: 166038
item: 5571S
item: 4415516
item: 5563
3/8" Copper Foil - 1.5 Mil
Mix & Match 3 for $11.85 ea
item: 5567
item: 5560
item: 2404
45 stars [2]
item: 425665
item: 425678
Glass foiling is a method first popularized by Louis Tiffany. Delphi offers foil in a variety of sizes and finishes to complement every design style and finish. Find essential tools and time-saving favorites from fids to foilers.

Delphi Makes It Easy: Need help selecting the right foil? Check out Foiling Glass in our Tips & Techniques section.