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Buy 12 or more medium sized glass and get a discounted price on each.
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Lead Came & Supplies

1/8 Flat U Lead Came 1/8" Flat U Lead Came
Buy 6 or more for $3.35 each
Here is the best line of came strips manufactured expressly for the stained glass industry. Packaged to arrive long, straight and ready to stretch. Size indicated is for the face of the came. Some glass artists prefer the more simplified look of Flat U lead came. Unlike Round U lead came,it has a flat bottom. Pieces measure six feet with a 5/32" channel and 1/8" face. Sold by the piece. When ordering individual came pieces an over sized boxing charge will.
Product Features
  • Sold in 6 ft strips. Only buy what you need!
  • Packaged to arrive straight and ready to stretch
  • 5/32" channel, 1/8" face; Flat U design

item: 4060
item: 5590SP
item: 5582SP
item: 7370
Came Bending Jig
40 stars [9]
item: 5577SP
item: 7369
item: 40560
item: 5591SP
item: 8615Z
item: 5069F
item: 5600
1/8" Flat U Zinc Came - Strip
50 stars [1]
6 for $2.55 ea
item: 5480
item: 5584
1/4" Flat H Wide Channel Lead Came
50 stars [1]
6 for $5.95 ea
item: 63902
item: 5543
item: 5615Z
Zinc Rebar - Strip
40 stars [1]
6 for $9.35 ea
item: 61701
Canfield Lead Free Solder - 1/2 Lb.
50 stars [1]
Buy 6 or more for $19.95 ea
item: 5588SP
item: 5594SP
item: 5050
item: 5616
3/8" Flat H Zinc Came - Strip
50 stars [1]
6 for $5.95 ea
item: 5069
item: 5145
item: 7468
item: 5613
1/4" Adjustable U Copper Came - Strip
50 stars [1]
6 for $9.35 ea
item: 2553
50 stars [1]
item: 5602
item: MT01
item: 425665
Studio Pro Fid Pack
$6.95 $5.95
15% off
item: 63801
item: 7355DT
item: 5582
1/4" Round H Lead Came
6 for $4.95 ea
Lead came construction was the original stained glass technique used throughout history in church cathedrals. During the Victorian Era it found its way into the home and has remained popular ever since. The pleasing symmetrical lines and ability to withstand changing weather conditions make it ideal for large windows and doors.