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Soldered Jewelry

Mastercraft Leadfree Solder - 1 lb. Mastercraft Leadfree Solder - 1 Lb.
Buy 6 or more for $20.65 each
Buy 12 or more for $19.55 each
Lead-free solder is a wonderful solution for stained glass items that will be handled often. It's particularly good for kaleidoscopes, three dimensional projects and jewelry. Lead-free solder has a higher melting temperature, which may require a higher temperature tip or rheostat, depending on your iron. A separate soldering iron tip is recommended to keep your project lead free. Sold in 1 pound spools. Improved formula allows for easier flow when soldering. Also provides a better shine when polished. Delphi Tip:... more more info
Product Features
  • Ideal for jewelry and other projects that may contact the skin
  • Updated formula for improved ease of flow and a shinier finish
  • Lead-free solder may require a higher heating temperature
  • Convenient 1 lb spool

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Mastercraft Leadfree Solder - 1 Lb.
45 stars [11]
6 for $20.65 ea
item: 426101
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item: 452120
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Canfield DGS Solder - 1 Lb
20 stars [1]
6 for $27.85 ea
item: 5598
item: 6001
Collage Lost And Found
Mix & Match 3 for $21.85 ea
item: 6141D
item: 630448
item: 6648
Simply Soldered
Mix & Match 3 for $10.95 ea
item: 69166
item: 72601
item: 87237
Soldering Mat
50 stars [9]
item: 92501
item: M4093
Micro Thin Clear Glass - 0.8mm
Starting at $4.25
Wear your glass art creations! Soldered jewelry combines traditional glass soldering with collage art. Create you custom collage from favorite photos, clipart and more. Then, press between pre-cut micro-thin Memory Glass, foil and solder for fast and easy wearable art.

Delphi Tip: For more creative and quick projects see our entire line of Collage Art Jewelry Supplies.

Play it Safe: Always use lead-free solder with jewelry projects or anything that will be worn or handled often.