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Tools & Supplies

Morton System Start-Up Kit Morton System Start-Up Kit
Save Time and Cut Like a Pro! For years, Delphi customers and instructors have used the Morton Tool System to make glass cutting quicker, easier and more accurate. With the Portable Glass Shop, which includes an instructional CD and guide, you can teach yourself how to cut glass like a pro. The Portable Glass Shop allows you to cut geometric shapes easily over and over again. Just measure once, then cut two or two hundred pieces - all identical to the original. Finish the job with... more more info
Product Features
  • Get essential tools to make cutting repetitive pieces fast and easy
  • Includes a modular work surface to fit any workshop
  • Makes it quick and easy create symetrical projects

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Soldering Starter Kit
50 stars [1]
$79.95 $72.95
$7.00 off
item: 5620N
1" x 6' Oak Framing Stock
50 stars [1]
Mix & Match 3 for $15.25 ea
item: 5495R
item: 69100
item: 54213
item: 452116
item: 452118
item: 5182
item: 5640
item: 5266C
item: 98001
item: 5630
1" x 3' Oak Framing Stock
50 stars [3]
Mix & Match 3 for $8.45 ea
item: 5631
1-3/8" x 3' Oak Framing Stock
50 stars [1]
Mix & Match 3 for $10.95 ea
item: 5622N
2" x 6' Oak Framing Stock
40 stars [1]
Mix & Match 3 for $25.45 ea
item: 36800
item: 92701
item: 452114
item: 452214
item: 69708
item: 5085F
Fan Out Lead Shears
30 stars [1]
$29.95 $15.00
50% off
item: 7273
item: 7272
item: 7271
item: 7274
item: 6954
item: 7270
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item: 5690
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item: 6730
item: 7156
item: 5489PK
item: 5120
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item: 5607S
item: 94236
item: 5621N
item: 7395
item: 5087
item: 5473
Brass Ladder Chain - 1 Ft.
3 for $2.55 ea
item: 5086
Studio Pro Foil Shears
$9.95 $6.95
31% off
Quality tools designed specifically for the stained glass artist make the job easier. Stock up on basic supplies like solder, foil, pre-tinned wire, and much more. Delphi has everything you need for your stained glass studio.

Delphi Makes It Easy: More tools including glass cutters can be found in our Glass Tools section.