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Bullseye Glass

Bullseye Fracture Streamers Holly Berry on Clear Bullseye Fracture Streamers Holly Berry On Clear
small 8" x 10"  $19.95
medium 10" x 16"  $39.85
Buy 12 or more for $31.85 each
large 16" x 20"  $79.65

A Great Holiday Glass! Bold red "berries" add dimension and texture to the surface of this festive glass, featuring paper-thin shards of green glass floated amongst curving green glass threads on a clear glass background. Ideal as an accent or a vibrant background for your holiday designs and more. Normal 0 false false false

Photo is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary... more more info
Product Features
  • Red "berries" offer a vibrant dimensional accent
  • Green streamers and confetti create a festive splash of color
  • Classic holiday color combination ideal for your yuletide designs
  • Excellent for stained glass backgrounds, candle shelters and accent pieces

item: B110147
item: B214030
item: B021230
item: B010048
item: B022430
item: B110160
item: B4220F
item: B2129F
item: B2100F
item: B23113F
item: B010032
item: B114030
item: B2310F
item: B2123F
item: B112830
item: B2109F
item: B014730
item: B2302F
item: B20473F
item: B21303F
item: B2124F
item: B014430
item: B22183F
item: B010030
item: B110143
Bullseye Clear Reed - 90 COE
Starting at $8.25
item: B013130
item: B042030
item: B334521
item: B014830
item: B020630
item: B020730
item: B020830
item: B092030
item: B310030
item: B214031
item: B010038
Premium Bullseye Glass is handmade in Portland, OR. Delphi offers a huge selection of Bullseye glass for stained glass and fusing. All Bullseye Glass is 90 COE for fusing.