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Clear German Semi Antique

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medium 10" x 15" $16.35 USD
Mixable at 12 for $12.95 ea
large 20" x 30" $65.35

Item# GNA0189
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Product Features

  • Good for Stained Glass Projects
  • Easy to Cut
  • Consistent Pattern and Texture

Product Description

This European glass is machine made and vertically drawn as it leaves the furnace. The cooled sheets have a slight linear pattern similar to the crystalline surface of a full Antique. Extremely even thickness, a soft finish, and an unbelievable even temper make this the easiest cutting colored sheet glass available.

Clear textured glass, sometimes called architectural glass, can add incredible depth and beauty to your home. Textures, ranging from subtle to dramatic, add privacy, movement, and create ambiance in designs like nothing else. Most commonly used in cabinets and entryways, clear textures can be used to add dazzling appeal to panels, sun catchers and more! Use alone or in combination with other textures and colors to create a stunning piece of glass art.
Actual glass may vary slightly from photo.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.

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