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Glass Packs

Kokomo Cools Glass Pack Kokomo Cools Glass Pack
Founded in 1888, Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company is the oldest art glass manufacturer in the United States.  The unique and beautiful colors attract attention immediately.  A favorite of top studios and artists,Kokomo glass is the same high-quality glass used famously by Tiffany. Featuring magnificent colors and textures Kokomo glass is extremely easy to cut. An excellent for both hobbyists and professionals, this glass is certain to add depth and character to your glass art. This assortment of vivid blues, purples and greens is perfect for... more more info
Product Features
  • 8 Pieces of Kokomo glass, 8" x 8" each
  • Get a variety of rich cool colors in one convenient pack
  • Pieces are clearly marked for easy reordering
  • Perfect glass for the beginning artist

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Nautical Stained Glass Pack
$36.95 $25.00
33% off
item: S5813
item: 5542
item: 4036
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item: S6145
item: 5541
item: 5358
item: V6145
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Get a variety of stained glass at a great price. Delphi offers a huge selection of glass packs at factory-direct savings, plus our Delphi Exclusive glass packs featuring our most popular colors and styles. Find packs featuring fun color themes or samplers from your favorite manufacturer.

Delphi Tip: Use Manufacturer Sample Sets to quickly reference a color or texture, or to see a glass company’s full line.