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Spectrum Streaky Glass Sale Glass Packs Sale

Kokomo Glass

Kokomo Amber, Green, Blue, Purple and Clear Streaky Kokomo Amber, Green, Blue, Purple And Clear Streaky
medium 8" x 16"  $8.95
Buy 12 or more for $6.95 each
large 16" x 16"  $17.85

Kokomo Glass, the same high-quality glass used famously by Tiffany, features magnificent colors and is extremely easy to cut. Excellent for both hobbyists and professionals.

Photo is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary.
Product Features
  • Good for Stained Glass Projects
  • Easy to Cut
  • Consistent Pattern and Texture

item: K172
item: K46SPL
Kokomo Red And Yellow Opal Mix
30 stars [2]
Starting at $15.95
item: 146SPWV
item: K33V
Kokomo Clear Vertigo
40 stars [1]
Starting at $8.15
item: K106NLL
item: K111WAV
Kokomo Ruby, Lime And Blue Wave
50 stars [1]
Starting at $15.75
item: K225LL
Kokomo Cerise Ruby Cathedral
50 stars [1]
Starting at $15.75
item: 166SPLP
item: K106N
Kokomo Green And Ruby Red Opal
50 stars [1]
Starting at $15.95
item: K33SB
Kokomo Clear Starburst
50 stars [2]
Starting at $9.15
item: 142SPLV
item: K11
Kokomo Medium Amber Opal
50 stars [1]
Starting at $7.65
item: K122
item: K123
item: K88SPL
item: K4CLL
item: K880H
Kokomo Rose French Cobblestone
50 stars [1]
Starting at $8.95
item: K4SPLP
item: K164LL
item: 118SPLP
Kokomo Pink And Clear Streaky
Starting at $15.95
item: K20D
Kokomo Almond Opalume
Starting at $7.65
item: K4SPL
item: K5NLL
item: K163LLG
item: K860G
Kokomo Medium Violet Granite
50 stars [1]
Starting at $92.95
item: K225D
Kokomo Red Opalume
Starting at $15.95
item: K41LH
item: K609H
item: K35
item: K103LLV
item: K14SPLP
Kokomo Blue And Pink Opal
40 stars [1]
Starting at $208.75
item: K33WAV
Kokomo Clear Wavolite
Starting at $92.95
item: K104
Kokomo Amber And Cerise Ruby
25 stars [2]
Starting at $15.95
item: K11XDP
Kokomo Pale Amber, Pink Opal
Starting at $15.95
item: K151P
item: K216WAV
item: K41L
Kokomo Ruby Red And Clear Wispy
Starting at $15.95
item: K111
item: K12P
item: K188D
Kokomo Ivory Opalume
Starting at $7.65
item: K254D
Kokomo Orange Opalume
Starting at $16.65
item: K807F
item: K18LCEL
item: K611F
item: K214
Kokomo Red And White Opal
Starting at $15.95
item: K145MS
item: K148
item: K509D
Kokomo Sea Green Opalume
Starting at $7.65
item: K618F
item: K470
item: K853
Kokomo Dark Violet Cathedral
Starting at $8.95
item: K853D
Kokomo Grape Opalume
Starting at $8.95
item: K659
Kokomo Stained Glass is known for its magnificent, rich colors and unique color combinations. It was the glass of choice for Louis Tiffany and his studio. Kokomo is an excellent choice for intricate lamps and beautiful in stained glass panels.