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Spectrum® Glass

Spectrum Fusers Reserve Candy Cane Opal Art Spectrum Fusers Reserve Candy Cane Opal Art
medium 12" x 12"  $10.35
Buy 12 or more for $8.25 each
large 24" x 24"  $41.35

Add dramatic swirls to your fused glass art! Available for a limited time only, Candy Cane Opal Art features rich hues swirled together. Part of the beauty of this glass is the uniqueness of each piece - not only is the swirl pattern different, but the ways the molten colors react with one another to create intriguing new tones is stunning. Image shown is one example of some of the wide range of colors and patterns that may occur in your piece.

Photo is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary... more more info
Product Features
  • Limited production Fuser's Reserve glass by Spectrum - don't miss out!
  • Each piece is unique, capturing different colors and designs
  • Fantastic for stained glass, mosaics and fusing - 96 COE
  • Creates an array of new tones and colors when reacting
  • Orange tone strikes more red when fired
  • A beautuful blend of white opal and red transparent glass
375 Items

item: XFRCOA
item: 5358
item: 5366
Heavenly Wings Glass Pack
$36.95 $29.95
19% off
item: 5370
item: 5375
Spectrum Land And Sea Glass Pack
40 stars [1]
$31.95 $24.95
22% off
item: 5377
item: 5383
item: 8001
item: S1009
Spectrum Black Opal
50 stars [3]
Starting at $6.55
item: S1009W
Spectrum Black Waterglass
40 stars [1]
Starting at $7.85
item: S100A
Spectrum Clear Artique
45 stars [5]
Starting at $7.55
item: S100BW
Spectrum Barnwood Clear
45 stars [3]
Starting at $6.45
item: S100C
Spectrum Clear Cord
Starting at $6.45
item: S100CC
Spectrum Clear Corsica
Starting at $6.45
item: S100CR
Spectrum Clear Crackle
40 stars [1]
Starting at $6.45
item: S100CZ
Spectrum Clear Corteza
Starting at $6.45
item: S100G
Spectrum Clear Granite
Starting at $6.45
item: S100GG
item: S100H
Spectrum Clear Hammered
40 stars [2]
Starting at $6.45
item: S100HS
Spectrum Clear Small Hammered
Starting at $6.45
item: S100K
Spectrum Clear Krinkle
Starting at $6.45
item: S100QR
Spectrum Clear Quarter Reed
Starting at $6.45
item: S100R
Spectrum Clear Ripple
Starting at $7.85
item: S100RR
Spectrum Clear Rough Rolled
Starting at $5.55
item: S100RW
Spectrum Clear Rain Water
50 stars [1]
Starting at $6.45
item: S100SDY
Spectrum Clear Seedy
35 stars [3]
Starting at $5.55
item: S100SN
Spectrum Clear Satin Smooth
Starting at $6.45
item: S100SNS
Spectrum Clear Satin Seedy
Starting at $6.45
item: S100V
Spectrum Clear Vecchio
Starting at $6.45
item: S100W
Spectrum Clear Waterglass
50 stars [2]
Starting at $6.95
item: S1101A
Spectrum Palest Amber Artique
Starting at $7.95
item: S1101RR
item: S1102
Spectrum Pale Amber Cathedral
40 stars [1]
Starting at $6.95
item: S1102A
Spectrum Pale Amber Artique
Starting at $8.85
item: S1102RR
item: S1102V
Spectrum Pale Amber Vecchio
Starting at $6.75
item: S1102W
Spectrum Pale Amber Waterglass
20 stars [1]
Starting at $7.15
item: S1108A
Spectrum Medium Amber Artique
Starting at $8.85
item: S1108RR
item: S1108W
item: S111RR
item: S111W
Spectrum Dark Amber Waterglass
Starting at $7.15
item: S121
Spectrum Light Green Cathedral
Starting at $7.45
Spectrum is a wonderfully versatile art glass available in a wide variety of colors, textures and transparencies. This glass cuts very smoothly and is incredibly consistent in color and texture, making it a favorite among beginners and professional artists alike.
Delphi Tip: Looking for Spectrum Fusible Glass? Delphi carries their complete System 96 product line.