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Uroboros Glass

Unit Size* Price
small 7" x 12"   $11.95 USD
medium 12" x 14"   $23.85
Mixable at 12 for discount
large 14" x 24"   $47.65

item: U10-910
item: U60-96
Uroboros Mix Of Variety
40 stars [1]
Starting at $13.75
item: UFALL
item: U60-608
item: X602502
Uroboros Red Opal - 96 COE
50 stars [1]
Starting at $25.75
item: X602702
Uroboros Orange Opal - 96 COE
Starting at $25.75
item: X6056GI
Uroboros Fire Ups Glass Pack - 90 COE
50 stars [6]
$239.95 $214.95
$25.00 off
item: 4099
Uroboros Garden Variety Glass Pack
45 stars [2]
$179.95 $149.95
17% off
item: HFLASH
Uroboros Hot Flash Glass Pack - 90 COE
40 stars [5]
$149.95 $139.95
$10.00 off
item: U60-541
item: X1125
item: U606085
item: U20-362
Uroboros Goldenrod Amber Mottled
50 stars [2]
Starting at $12.85
item: U20-765
item: U51-606
item: U60-703
item: U50-542
item: U00-05
Uroboros White Ring Mottle
50 stars [1]
Starting at $12.85
item: U50-00
item: X60070
Uroboros Cloud Opal - 96 COE
50 stars [1]
Starting at $21.45
item: X60782
item: U10-869
item: U51700I
item: U65-95I
item: U60-74
item: U00-361
item: U00-621
item: X60005
item: U65-92
item: X6056SI
item: U60-700
item: U60-501
item: U60-37
item: X60755
item: U50-29
item: U00-69
item: X1129
item: U60-625
Uroboros Dark Red On Red
35 stars [5]
Starting at $14.45
item: U00-74
item: X60602
Uroboros Flame Opal - 96 COE
Starting at $25.75
item: X60615
item: U65-850
item: U60-391