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Buy 12 or more medium sized glass and get a discounted price on each.
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Youghiogheny Glass

Youghiogheny White and Red Stipple Youghiogheny White And Red Stipple
medium 12" x 12"  $17.95
Buy 12 or more for $14.35 each
large 18" x 24"  $53.75

Artists recommend premium hand-made Stipple art glass from Youghiogheny. Read what fine glass studios, like Paul Crist, have to say about Stipple glass: "The remarkable quality about stipple glass is the unique way in which it disperses light. Traditional mottled glasses impart an orangish gray cast to the glass. Stipple glass uses crystalline to disperse light, allowing color to come through the glass unaltered by the opal. Greens are crisp and leafy; reds are pure ruby; pinks and magentas sing with a vibrancy never seen

Photo is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary.
Product Features
  • Good for Stained Glass Projects
  • Premium Handmade Glass
  • More Colors Per Sheet

item: Y5009SP
Youghiogheny Yellow Red Stipple
50 stars [1]
Starting at $17.95
item: Y1109SP
item: Y1663SP
item: Y4644SP
item: Y4009HS
item: YLABB
item: Y5002SP
Youghiogheny Beige Stipple
40 stars [1]
Starting at $16.95
item: Y6600SP
Youghiogheny Turquoise Stipple
50 stars [1]
Starting at $17.95
item: Y1000SP
Youghiogheny Ice White Stipple
50 stars [1]
Starting at $16.95
item: Y1144SP
item: Y3600SP
Youghiogheny Violet Stipple
40 stars [1]
Starting at $17.95
item: Y1431RG
item: Y6106HS
item: Y1097SP
item: Y55CRSP
item: Y1062HS
item: Y4004HS
item: Y4444HS
item: Y5697SP
item: Y1574SP
item: Y4554SP
item: Y1537SP
item: Y1660SP
item: Y4500SP
Youghiogheny Lime Green Stipple
Starting at $17.95
item: Y5506SP
item: Y4444SP
Youghiogheny Greens Stipple
45 stars [3]
Starting at $16.95
item: Y4300HS
item: Y5409SP
item: Y4000SP
item: Y5562SP
item: Y1137SP
item: OC706
White, Blue, Green Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: OC600
Silver Yellow, Dark Red Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: OC714
Red, Cobalt Blue, Green Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: OC720
item: Y2120HS
item: OC390
Opal White Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: OC603
White, Chrome Green Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: OC608
Copper Blue, Cobalt Blue Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: OC609
Dark Red, Cobalt Blue Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: OC628
Teal Green, Dark Green Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: Y1002HS
item: OC712
item: Y4403RG
item: OC363
Dark Copper Red Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: OC301
Copper Blue Oceana
Starting at $16.75
item: OC303
Silver Yellow Oceana
Starting at $16.75
Youghiogheny Stained Glass is recommended by glass artists world wide. Perfect for glass restoration work, their mottled glass is nearly identical to what was made during Louis Tiffany's time. Rich colors, textures and tones in Youghiogheny glass adds depth and detail to any stained glass project. Delphi carries the entire line of Youghiogheny's Tiffany Reproduction Glass in stock or for special order.