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Spectrum Crystal Clear - 96 COE by Spectrum Glass

Unit Size* Price Qty 
medium 12" x 12" $13.95 USD
Mixable at 12 for $11.15 ea
sheet 24" x 24" $55.75

Standard shipping requires 'sheet' size to be cut into 2 large pieces
Due to the unforeseen closing of Spectrum Glass, our Annual Glass Sale has been cancelled.

Item# X100CC
Expected to be in stock Jun 12, 2016

Product Features

  • Good for Stained Glass Projects
  • Good for Fusing - 96 COE
  • Easy to Cut
  • Consistent Pattern and Texture

Product Description

System 96 glasses retain crisp lines throughout the firing process. It is extremely easy to cut, giving you greater freedom when choosing a design. You can make perfect, long thin strips and easy circles without grinding or grozing. 96 products undergo 3 rigorous test firings. Each firing result is measured for color-shift, opacification, devitrification and C.O.E. change.

For FedEx shipping 24" x 24" glass is cut to two 12" x 24" pieces.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.

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