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Buy 12 or more medium sized glass and get a discounted price on each.
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Unit Size* Price
small 7" x 12" $18.65 USD
medium 12" x 14" $37.25
Mixable at 12 for $29.75 ea
large 14" x 24" $74.45

item: U51-606
item: U50-542
item: U65-92
item: U50-00
item: U65-850
item: U51-700
item: U65-17
item: U65-00I
item: U51700I
item: U80-00
Uroboros Clear Radium - 90 COE
Starting at $10.65
item: U70-402
item: U50-912
item: U65-05
Uroboros White Granite
Starting at $10.55
item: U70-901
item: U65-542
item: U65-56I
Uroboros Glass Studios creates traditional, handmade stained glass in magnificent colors and textures. Streaky and textured glass adds depth to any stained glass project. Mottled glass, first made famous by Tiffany, is ideal for natural shading. Uroboros stained glass adds elegance and detail to any stained glass project.

Delphi Tip: Uroboros Studios also makes fusible art glass. Delphi carries both 90 COE Uroboros Glass and their full line System 96 fusible glass.