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How to Use Mosaic Art Colorants

More Mosaics

views: 7423
4.5 star
Published: November 8, 2007
Learn how to use Mosaic Art Colorants from Diamond Tech Crafts to color Mosaic Stone Cement, Mosaic Outdoor Cement, as well as regular cement and grout. Product available at
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  • 300x200
    Glastar Super II Grinder

    The Glastar Super II Grinder is a glass grinder that artist, hobbyists, schools, and studios will enjoy. Save time by grinding down uneven glass to make your glass fit your design. The Glastar Super II Grinder features a 1/2 hp motor and comes with a 3/4" and a 1/4" grinder bits, and a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

  • 300x200
    Gryphette Grinder

    The Gryphette grinder is an excellent glass grinder with a small footprint. With only a 6-3/4" work surface, the Gryphette grinder performs just as well as larger glass grinders. It comes with a 3/4" grinder bit and can accept all standard bits.The Gryphette also comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

  • 300x200
    CMS Floral And Foliage 7 Piece Mold Set

    Create unique fused glass art with the CMS Floral and Foliage 7 Piece Mild set created by renowned glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith

  • 300x200
    Drop Thru And Foot Mold System

    Create stunning fused glass vessels with the Drop Thru and Foot Mold system by Wardell. This fused glass vessel is made from high quality ceramic to allow for multiple firing. The set includes a tripod drop-thru base, foot casting mold, and a fluted drop-thru ring which can be positioned at 3 different heights.

  • 300x200
    Rectangular Patty Gray Dam Mold

    Designed by world renowned glass artist Patty Gray, the Patty Gray Dam Mold lets you create fused glass art with perfectly rounded corners and straight edges. There's no need for coldworking, and no need for bending over your kiln assembling a dam on your kiln floor and positioning glass. The Mold measures 8-3/4" x 10-5/8", and can be fired many times.

  • 300x200
    Bottle Slumper Dish With Curved Neck Mold

    Recycle old bottles into a decorative serving piece with the Bottle Slumper Dish with Curved Neck. This bottle slumping mold is curved on both sides and the neck for easy serving. The bottle mold is reusable and can be fired many times.

  • 300x200
    How to Remove the Blow Pipe from a Glaskolben Ornament

    Delphi instructor Val Oswalt-De Waard demonstrates how to remove the glass blow pipe from a Glaskolben ornament. The simple method shown in this video requires a scribe to score the blow pipe. If you would like to see how to blow the Glaskolben, watch this video first

  • 300x200
    How to Use Frit in a Bead Project

    Delphi instructor Val Oswalt - De Waard demonstrates how to use frit in a bead project. In this video, she is using a Double Helix frit.The incredible color combinations in Double Helix glass have the ability to "strike" in the reducing flame, giving the look of Boro but in 104 COE.

  • 300x200
    How to Repair a Copper Foil Stained Glass Panel

    Delphi instructor Steena Gaut demonstrates how to repair a broken Copper Foil panel using a few simple tools and techniques. Give old stained glass panels new life by repairing them!

  • 300x200
    How to Use the Mini Cutters Mate

    Delphi instructor Jeannette Woodard demonstrates how to set up and use the Mini Cutters Mate cutting tool. Easily cut glass sitting down or standing up, without having to grip a traditional cutter. The Cutters Mate Mini allows glass artists to cut shapes accurately in a smaller workspace than required by the full-sized Cutters Mate. This tool is great for people who have a small workspace, who cannot stand for long periods of time, or who may not have the ability to grip and apply pressure to a traditional glass cutter. Works with or without a 12' x 12" grid.

  • 300x200
    How to Use Millefiori in Flameworking a Bead

    Delphi instructor Val Oswalt - De Waard demonstrates how to add millefiori to a bead. Millefiori are small fusible glass "flowers" that make beautiful embellishments to any flameworking project.

  • 300x200
    Craig Mitchell Smith Gallery Slideshow 2012

    A beautiful collection of some of Craig Mitchell Smith's finest work to date. Craig Mitchell Smith is a world-renowned fused glass artists whose gallery is in Okemos, MI. Delphi now offers a collection of exclusive Craig Mitchell Smith fusing molds, so artists can recreate these works of art in their own homes!

  • 300x200
    How to Set up a Vitrograph Kiln

    Delphi instructor Roy Kapp shows shows viewers how to set up a Vitrograph kiln using a segmented kiln. Vitrograph kilns can be used to create custom stringer that can be used to embellish fusing projects.

  • 300x200
    Different Types of Silver Metal Clay and Their Uses

    Delphi Artist Melanie discusses the four types of silver metal clay and their uses. These include lump clay, syringe clay, paste clay and sheet clay.

  • 300x200
    How to Attach Rings to a Stained Glass Panel

    Delphi Artist Steena demonstrates how to attach rings onto a stained glass panel using a soldering iron.

  • 300x200
    How to Clean a Stained Glass Lead Panel

    Delphi Artist Steena Gaut demonstrates how to clean cement off of a lead stained glass panel using whiting powder.

  • 300x200
    How to Cut Lead Came

    Delphi Artist Steena demonstrates how to cut through lead came with various tools including a lead knife, lead nippers and an angle-cutter.

  • 300x200
    Visit a Delphi Creativity Center Looking for a fun activity in a relaxed environment? Check out one of Delphi's many local Creativity Centers and learn something new. Creativity Centers offer classes and seminars and expert advice on all things art glass!

  • 300x200
    How to Use the G2 Bottle Cutter

    Learn all about the new G2 Bottle Cutter. Its lightweight design allows you to easily score and separate discarded bottles and jars in just 3 easy steps. Bottles of varying shapes and sizes can be turned into sculptures, vases, votive holders and more!

  • 300x200
    How to Use Mosaic Mesh

    Delphi Artist Roy Kapp demonstrates when and how to use fiberglass mosaic mesh. Mosaic mesh is often used in architectural applications like a bathroom backsplash.