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How to Use Fiber Products in Fusing

More Fusing

views: 37543
5 star
Published: May 2, 2012
Delphi instructor Roy Kapp introduces a variety of fiber products like fiber paper, fiber felt, fiber blanket, fiber rope and more. Learn creative uses for fiber products and get inspired with easy project ideas.
189 Titles Found
  • 300x200
    Fusing 202

    This is an advanced fusing class where students will take their fusing skills to the next level. Students will learning how to comb and how to use a vitrograph kiln to make fused flass art.

  • 300x200
    Beadmaking 101

    Learn the exciting craft of flamweworking by making your own glass beads. This hands-on glass beadmaking course will take you through all the steps of manipulating glass rods into colorful glass beads.

  • 300x200
    Mosaic Bottle Lantern Workshop with Julie Haan

    Learn how to make a mosaic lantern using recycled wine bottles. In this class you will learn bottle cutting techniques, and mosaic tile application techniques.

  • 300x200
    Mosaic Art Tables Preview

    Learn how to create your own mosaic art table plate at Delphi Glass Creativity Center. Watch our short video to see what you can expect while taking our Mosaic Art Table class. In this class you will get hands-on training to create a mosaic table with your own design.

  • 300x200
    Fused Art Glass Plates Preview

    Learn how to create your own fused art glass plate at Delphi Glass Creativity Center. Watch our short video to see what you can expect while taking our Fused Art Glass Plate class. In this class you will get hands-on training to create an art glass plate with your own design that you can display or use.

  • 300x200
    Beginning Metal Clay Preview

    Learn how to make your own Silver Jewelry at Delphi Glass Creativity Center. Watch our short video on what you can expect while taking the Beginning Metal Clay Class. In this class you will get hands-on training to complete a real silver slide pendant.

  • 300x200
    Copper Foil Studio Preview

    Improve your skills and techniques when making stained glass in our 3 day Copper Foils Studio class. Learn from veteran stained glass artist to cut faster and more accurately, foil and solder more flawlessly, Patina and Polish to perfection. Watch our short video to see what you can expect in the Copper Foil Studio class.

  • 300x200
    Blown Glass Ornaments Preview

    Learn how to create your own blown glass ornaments at Delphi Glass Creativity Center. Watch our short video to see what you can expect while taking our Blown Glass Ornaments class. In this class you will get hands-on training to create the ornaments yourself.

  • 300x200
    Using Holey Molds for Casting Glass Jewelry

    Learn how to use Holey Molds for casting glass jewelry. Holey molds are great products for making glass pendants without the need for additional findings. This video describes preparing the molds, filling the molds, what to expect when working with frit, and firing schedules.

  • 300x200
    How To Adjust Adjustable Rings

    Learn the proper method for adjusting the size and adjustable ring.

  • 300x200
    How to Cut Glass - The Basics

    Whether you're making a stained glass project or glass fusing project one of the essential skills is knowing how to cut glass. In this demonstration we will be showing the tools and the techniques for cutting glass using handheld glass cutters, running pliers, and breaking pliers.

  • 300x200
    Handy Hangler Installation in Less Than 5 Minutes

    Handy Hangers can be used for both stained glass and fused glass panels. For stained glass, hangers install simply and securely inside the framing thus becoming an integral part of the panel itself. Includes instructions. Handy Hangers can also be used in fused glass projects. Simply fuse the hangers between the glass layers and hang.

  • 300x200
    Stained Glass 101 DVD Preview

    Preview of Stained Glass 101 DVD. Full DVD description - Delphi's Stained Glass 101 guides you step-by-step through a simple but elegant panel project. Learn the basics of the copper foil method of stained glass, including glass cutting, copper foiling, soldering, finishing and framing. Begin a new craft with confidence, with all the basic instruction you need to successfully complete your first stained glass project. Learn insider tips and techniques from Delphi's stained glass expert and long time instructor, Roy Kapp. 70 minutes.

  • 300x200
    Soldering 101 DVD Preview

    Preview of Soldering 101 DVD. Full DVD description - Long time Delphi instructor, Steena Gaut shares tips and techniques for achieving great solder lines. This video is perfect for anyone looking to improve their work and is also an ideal refresher for anyone who has been away from the craft and is planning on resuming their hobby. 25 minutes.

  • 300x200
    How to Cut Bottles Using The Gryphon C-40 Bandsaw

    Learn how to cut bottles using the Gryphon C-40 Bandsaw.

  • 300x200
    How To Cut Bottles Using The Precision 2000 Bandsaw

    Learn how to cut bottles using the Precision 2000 Bandsaw.

  • 300x200
    Features of the Electric Mandrel Spinner

    See all of the components of the Electric Mandrel Spinner. Learn how easy it is to assemble this tool for use. This tool is an invaluable addition to any Flameworking studio as it reduces arm, wrist and hand fatigue, while increasing your bead production.

  • 300x200
    Creator's Premium Bottle Cutter

    See how easy it is to cut bottles with the Creator's Premium Bottle Cutter. Whether you "upcycle" or "recycle", creating art with re-purposed bottles is easy. The base is made out of a durable polycarbonate. Even thick champagne bottles break easily and smoothly.

  • 300x200
    2012 Animal Creations Contest Slideshow

    Check out some of the entries in Delphi's 3rd Annual Animal Creations Contest. Thank you to everyone who participated. Visit Delphi's Artist Gallery to see all of the entries and other great finished pieces by glass artists.

  • 300x200
    Janet Schrader's Pictures in Glass Kit

    Janet Schrader explains the benefits of her Delphi Exclusive Pictures in Glass fusing kit. See examples of the types of fused glass art you can create with this kit.

Latest Comments
  • jeannetanks Feb 06, 2014

    @msfischer That sentence 1/2way down should read, "thus it is meant to withstand high temperatures/heat, and should not burn-out during kiln-firings." (I should not have changed my mind about a word in the middle of typing the sentence, for I then forgot to remove the "not".)

  • jeannetanks Feb 06, 2014

    @msfischer Since your post is old, you might have already discovered the answer through experimentation or might have received a reply from Delphi by now. The ceramic fiber was originally developed during the Reagan Admin in the StarWars project, when researches were looking for a product to use as tiles for reentry vehicles, thus it is not meant to withstand high heat, and should not fire-out during kiln-firings. If you sandwich the fiber between two pieces of glass, without the ability to retrieve the fiber after firing (to pull or flush it out), the fiber becomes a permanent part of your glass. Not a problem, if you can use that to an advantage in your overall design, where it becomes an inclusion just like you might purposefully develop an inclusion of copper between glass. Otherwise, it's could be an ugly white distraction.

  • msfischer Sep 11, 2013

    If you place a 1/8" fiber cutout/shape on top of a piece of glass and then put another piece of glass on top of the fiber paper where the paper will be enclosed in between the layers, what happens to the paper? Will you see the paper in your finished product?

  • zuzzie Dec 04, 2012

    I'd like to see both a pattern bar video and a rigidizer video. Also, more info about the safety of using these fiber products and whether it's necessary to wear a mask to avoid breathing in fiber or fiber dust.

  • wlellis1 Sep 26, 2012

    Very interesting video. I too would like to see some examples of using fiber blanket and rigidizer to form molds. great idea.

  • DAVISFSU Aug 21, 2012

    I have thin fire paper, 1/8th inch fiber felt and some pieces on fiber blanket left over from building a raku kiln and I teach my high school kids about these products based on what I've learned from books and experimentation. this short video was very good and I will show it to my classes. Q: Do you think you could make another short video showing examples of using the rigidizer to create forms to slump with? Also perhaps one with more info about making pattern bars or using the fiber board for drop molds? For example showing how many firings you get out of each fiber board cut out, or how you stack the glass for patterns and some examples before and after? Thanks.

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