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How to Use the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

More Fusing

views: 41397
5 star
Published: March 8, 2010
In this video you'll learn how to use your Fuseworks Microwave Kiln. The Fuseworks Kiln makes glass fusing easy. You can make jewelry and other exciting crafts right from your microwave. Glass fusing is quick in this small kiln -- most glass projects fire in just 3 minutes! To learn more or purchase the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln, please visit Delphi Glass at
209 Titles Found
  • 300x200
    The Glastar Foiling Machine #5215

    The Glastar Foiling Machine makes foiling easy. Stained glass artists love this tool as it helps them apply copper foil smoothly and evenly. The Glastar foiler can use 3/16", 7/32" or 1/4" copper foil. Note: Studio Pro Copper Foil does not fit the mounts for the Glasfoiler. Use Venture Tape Copper Foil with the Glasfoiler to complete your foiling fast!

  • 300x200
    Table Foiler #68101

    The Table Foiler is a tool that every stained glass artist should have in their arsenal, as it can cut foiling time in half. The Table Foiler removes the paper backing, applies, and crimps the copper foil to stained glass. It can accommodate copper foil in 3/16", 7/32", and 1/4" sizes.

  • 300x200
    Stained Glass Start Up Kit 6980A

    The Stained Glass Start-Up Kit includes all the tools needed to start making stained glass projects. Along with all the necessary supplies the Stained Glass Start-Up Kit also includes and instructional DVD and pattern to help you with your project.

  • 300x200
    Premium Stained Glass Start Up Kit 6992

    Get started in stained glass with the Premium Stained Glass Start-Up Kit. The kit features all the supplies needed for making stained glass project using the best tools and glass. An instructional DVD and Pattern is included in the kit to help you with your first project.

  • 300x200
    Bevel Panel Creation Time Lapse

    Join Delphi Glass Expert Chandra Rusk while she creates a custom bevel panel using many of our most popular stock bevels. Special thanks to Diamond Tech Crafts for production assistance.

  • 300x200
    Glastar Super II Grinder

    The Glastar Super II Grinder is a glass grinder that artist, hobbyists, schools, and studios will enjoy. Save time by grinding down uneven glass to make your glass fit your design. The Glastar Super II Grinder features a 1/2 hp motor and comes with a 3/4" and a 1/4" grinder bits, and a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

  • 300x200
    Swirl Texture Bottle Mold

    Recycle old bottles and into something fun and stylish with this Swirl Texture Bottle Mold, This bottle mold is designed for 750 ml bottles and has a swirl texture for extra style. The bottle mold can be used many times over, so recycle and be creative.

  • 300x200
    Gryphette Grinder

    The Gryphette grinder is an excellent glass grinder with a small footprint. With only a 6-3/4" work surface, the Gryphette grinder performs just as well as larger glass grinders. It comes with a 3/4" grinder bit and can accept all standard bits.The Gryphette also comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

  • 300x200
    CMS Floral And Foliage 7 Piece Mold Set

    Create unique fused glass art with the CMS Floral and Foliage 7 Piece Mild set created by renowned glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith

  • 300x200
    Simple Round Beads Mold

    The Simple Round Beads Mold by Colour de Verre lets you fuse 6 beads at once. The bead mold contains three 1-1/8", two 1-3/8", and on 1-1/2" diameter beads which you use to make fused glass jewelry.

  • 300x200
    Starfire Drape Mold And Foot Casting Mold Bundle

    Create stunning fused glass bowls with the Starfire Drape Mold And Foot Casting Mold Bundle. This glass mild bundle includes a starfire drape mold, a foot casting mold, and 3 sets of pre-cut fiber rings.

  • 300x200
    Drop Thru And Foot Mold System

    Create stunning fused glass vessels with the Drop Thru and Foot Mold system by Wardell. This fused glass vessel is made from high quality ceramic to allow for multiple firing. The set includes a tripod drop-thru base, foot casting mold, and a fluted drop-thru ring which can be positioned at 3 different heights.

  • 300x200
    Three Small Bottle Slump Mold

    Recycle old bottles to make a unique serving dish or contemporary art project with this Three Small Bottle Slump mold. This mold fits 15" kilns, and can be used many times over.

  • 300x200
    Rectangular Patty Gray Dam Mold

    Designed by world renowned glass artist Patty Gray, the Patty Gray Dam Mold lets you create fused glass art with perfectly rounded corners and straight edges. There's no need for coldworking, and no need for bending over your kiln assembling a dam on your kiln floor and positioning glass. The Mold measures 8-3/4" x 10-5/8", and can be fired many times.

  • 300x200
    Bottle Slumper Dish With Curved Neck Mold

    Recycle old bottles into a decorative serving piece with the Bottle Slumper Dish with Curved Neck. This bottle slumping mold is curved on both sides and the neck for easy serving. The bottle mold is reusable and can be fired many times.

  • 300x200
    All About That Glass

    For all those glass lovers out there, we give you our parody video loosely based on the less clever version "All About That Bass." Enjoy! And remember glass art IS the perfect hobby from the oldest to the young.

  • 300x200
    Hot Head Bead Making Kit

    The Hot Head Beadmaking kit provides all the tools necessary to get started in flameworking. WIth this kit you will be able make your own glass beads.

  • 300x200
    Beginner Lead Start-Up Kit

    Learn to make traditional stained glass with our Beginner Lead Start-Up Kit. This kit includes all the supplies needed to start your own Leaded Stained Glass Window

  • 300x200
    Basic Glass Tool Kit

    The Basic Glass Tool Kit provides all the tools needed to score, break, and smooth glass pieces for your art glass projects. The kit includes a Toyo Dry Wheel SuperCutter, Breaker/grozer pliers, Running pliers, Diamond hand pad, Safety glasses, and Glass square.

  • 300x200
    Beadmaking 101

    Learn the exciting craft of flamweworking by making your own glass beads. This hands-on glass beadmaking course will take you through all the steps of manipulating glass rods into colorful glass beads.

Latest Comments
  • chrish31 Jun 13, 2014

    Thanks for the info on the microwave kiln. I have used it with the glass turntable in & also set the kiln on posts. I was afraid that if I set the kiln directly on the turntable that it might crack it if it got too hot. Seems to work quite well! Having a lot of fun with it!

  • Chandra A. Jun 13, 2014

    @chrish31 you can leave the turntable in your microwave. I have a turntable and have not noticed that it makes a difference at all in my firing. I don't use posts myself but it certainly won't hurt anything. Good luck and have fun!

  • chrish31 Jun 01, 2014

    None of the instructions for the microwave kilns say if you use the moveable turntable or take it out. I have kiln posts that I can put the kiln on but do I use the turntable or not? One picture that I saw shows the kiln placed in the microwave on the glass shelf with posts under it but I don't know if the turntable is allowed to turn or should it remain stationary? I can remove the glass shelf and put the posts directly on the bottom of the microwave but I didn't know if that's the best way to use it.

  • Elizabeth B. Jun 20, 2013

    @Kathy G. An 800 to 1200 Watt microwave oven is recommended for use with the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln. This is probably why you're not having much luck with the 600 watt microwave you've been using. It is also important not to use microwaves that have a plastic interior.

  • Jun 02, 2013

    I just received my micro kiln kit and am using a 600 watt but nothing fuses. The paper browns but that's it. I start out w 2 min and then add 30 sec to 1 min after, still nothing. Can you help me out with what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.

  • kbrook63 Feb 22, 2013

    i have one of these but when i use the fuseworks dicro on black base it doesnt show updo you put on upside down i dont know what im doing wrong

  • Chandra A. Jan 23, 2013

    @dontfritFuse No, it is not recommended that you utilize a microwave that will also continue to be used for food purposes. We suggest that you designate a separate microwave for your planned fusing fun.

  • dontfritFuse Dec 07, 2012

    Hi, I saw a demonstration of the possibilities using FuseWorks, this week... I am not sure about the use of family microwave?? Please advise. -Karen McKillip bead enthusiast, etc.

  • EZELDA Apr 06, 2012

    A couple of questions. 1. Can I use coe 96 with this kit? 2. What wattage microwave is required?

  • StewartCampanaro Feb 15, 2012

    grate looking

  • DelphiHelper Jun 13, 2011

    @MarGon1, the microwave kiln is easier to use than you might think. It's great for making pendants, magnets and other small fusing projects. What kind of project are you hoping to make?

  • MarGon1 Jun 13, 2011

    Is that easy to fuse in the microwave?

  • craftdesigns Jan 02, 2011

    I wanted you to know I posted a link to this video today on my blog, PaperFriendly. Nancy Ward PaperFriendly

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