DichroMagic Tie Dye Hot Stix On Thin Black 5 Pack - 96 COE

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Item# X15345
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Product Features

  • 1/4" Wide strip of pattern dichroic glass to add sparkel to any project
  • Dichroic fires to a gorgeous crystalline-like texture
  • Sold in a pack of 5
  • 96 COE

Product Description

Add detail to glass with wide dichroic glass strips. The unique color coatings create amazing effects when viewed in different lighting, from different angles, or when layered. Colors shift and sparkle with metallic brilliance. During firing, a crazing effect appears, creating a subtle crinkle appearance in the color coating as shown below.

Each piece measures approximately 1/4" x 10". 96 COE. Image is only one example, colors and patterns will vary. Sorry, cannot specify color choice. Sold in packs of 5.

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