Contemporary Glass Enameling

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  • Explore the unique art of glass enameling in this easy to read books
  • Detailed guide outlines a variety of techniques
  • Over 200 color photographs to inspire you!
  • 167 Full color pages

Product Description

Contemporary Glass Enameling: Fusing with Powders, Paints, and Frit
A fascinating and colorful text by Kay Bain Weiner. With 168 pages and over 200 full color photos, it covers a wealth of traditional and innovative contemporary glass enameling techniques. This contains "How-To" photos and instructions for creating tableware, dividers, box and lamp panels, tiles, sun catchers, and jewelry. A final chapter dedicated to featured artists profiles and their breathtaking artwork throughout the book will inspire you.

Discover the techniques for decorating glass by brushing wet enamel paints or sifting dry enamel powders, and frit using stencils, unique tools, and gadgets. Included are details on various paints, brushes, expressive brush strokes, and distinctive enamel paint applications. Plus you will learn how to combine hot glass inclusions (sheet copper, gold and silver leaf, wire, mica flakes) to achieve special effects. Explore the use of specialty materials including decals, luster, and gold and silver paints. Contemporary Glass Enameling also includes valuable information on fusible glass, enamel color selection, molds, kilns, firing and annealing.

Images below from book. Artists from left to right: Gil and Carmen Reynolds, Paul Tarlow, Carmen Reynolds, Margot Clark, and Leslie Perlis.

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Pros : Very informative, directions are very clear. When you need a basic handbook, this is a solid reference book.
Cons : Needs a chapter on what not to do
Other Thoughts : Well worth the investment!
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