Unobtainium Borocolour Single Rod - 33 COE

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Product Description

Unobtainium is a very dense gun metal blue with lots of sparkle. It is well suited for stringer application and blown work. It is easily worked and can take a lot of heat. To keep the color most vibrant, work in a neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Try to avoid deep encasement, it may cause cracking. Please use Unobtainium with care and test your application before making expensive pieces. Outside work seems to work just great with no problems. Try coating it with NS86 Garnet or NS88 Pomegranate to achieve a brilliant ruby sparkle. Any transparent color coated over Unobtainium looks great.

Northstar Glassworks borosilicate rods are approximately 20" in length. Sold individually. 33 COE. Images courtesy of Northstar Glassworks.