Carmen Red Momka 1/4 Lb Bundle - 33 COE

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  • Brilliant Red is ideal for all applications
  • Carmen Red needs to be worked in an oxidizing flame
  • Sold in 1/4 lb bundle

Product Description

Beautiful Colors for Beautiful Glass Beads
Momka Glass Rods offers top-quality borosilicate glass and stunning color blends. Founded by a chemist with a passion for art, Momka's Glass continuously improves their formulas and invents new, original colors and designs.

This is a brilliant rich red that works easily and is stable. It can loose intensity if it is over heated. Carmen Red needs to be worked in an oxidizing flame. Good in all applications and is very good for inside-out work.

Image shows an example of the glass fired. Rods are approximately 20" in length. Sold in 1/4 lb. bundles.