Dark Multi Borocolour 1/4 Lb Bundle - 33 COE

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Product Description

Dark Multi is the more intense version of NS03 Multi and will yield similar effects, but much more pronounced. When worked in an oxidizing flame Dark Multi produces metallic blues and sea greens. When reduced, Multi yields earthy reds and browns. Because it is more saturated it will react much more quickly to the particular chemistry of the flame. Due to the fact that it reacts more readily, do not over reduce. To yield other interesting effects, try encasing it with clear or backing it with an opaque color. This color can be stretched thin, so it is well suited for delicate blown work, stringer application, or cane work.

Northstar Glassworks borosilicate rods are approximately 20" in length. Sold in 1/4 lb. bundles. 33 COE. Images courtesy of Northstar Glassworks.