Steel Wool Borocolour Rods 1/4 Lb Bundle - 33 COE

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Product Description

Steel Wool is a unique addition to the borosilicate color palette. It is a funky, bumpy color rod that turns smooth when melted. It has tons of sparkle and can be mixed with any color to add a sparkly shimmer to any piece. Steel Wool can be used in all applications with no cracking issues but use caution in deep encasement. Northstar recommends using a neutral/oxidizing flame for Steel Wool. Use in the back of the flame and try a reducing flame to cut down on boiling. Try mixing NS20 Dark Cobalt with Steel Wool to get a very nice blue sparkle. A little hand mixing of Steel Wool will give you the color you desire.

Northstar Glassworks borosilicate rods are approximately 20" in length. Sold in 1/4 lb. bundles. 33 COE. Images courtesy of Northstar Glassworks.