Uroboros Red Opal Streamer Bits On Clear - 90 COE

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large 14" x 24" $67.25

Item# U12-604
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Product Features

  • Premium Handmade Glass
  • Each sheet is unique and perfect for stained glass projects.
  • Ideal for creating visible textures
  • 90 COE Compatible

Product Description

Uroboros streamer bits add a variety of texture. With red opal streamer on top of clear glass it makes for a very unique look.

Uroboros fusible glass is completely compatible with 90 coe.

This glass is also excellent for stained glass projects.

Fused sushi dish by artist Beth Reiman. Streaky fused pannel by artist Narriman Elkins.
Fused vase by artist Gil Stebbins. All artists can be found in Delphi's Artist Gallery.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.