Bullseye Steel Jade Opal Thin - 90 COE

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Product Features

  • Chromium-Free Green
  • Premium glass designed for kiln work
  • Withstands high heat - even through multiple firings
  • When fired to low temperatures glass develops a metallic gray film
  • Thin rolled is ideal for delicate jewelry
  • Tested compatible - 90 COE

Product Description

Chromium-Free Green
Create with premium Bullseye tested compatible glass. Designed for high-quality kiln work, glass is formulated to withstand the high temperatures for fusing and casting, even through multiple firings. Thin glass is perfect for fused glass jewelry and other fusing projects because it's lightweight and very easy to cut. Thin-rolled is 2 mm thick and tested compatible for fusing. 90 COE.

Steel Jade is a unique glass. If only taken to a tack fusing temperature, glass develops a metallic gray film. This film only disappears at a full fuse temperature. To retain the original green coloration this glass should be capped with clear. Glass contains copper. Glass may react with selenium and sulfur. 

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.