Bullseye Red Reactive Clear - 90 COE

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Product Features

  • Special formulation creates stunning effects in your art
  • Color shifts upon fusing for unique effects
  • Good for Fusing
  • 90 COE

Product Description

Red Reactive Clear provides a unique effect in fused art. This clear glass contains elements that react to the metal content in other colors, creating intriguing color shifts and halos around contrasting pieces.

Premium handmade Bullseye glass is ideal for high-quality kiln work. Specifically formulated and tested for compatibility, this glass withstands multiple firings for complex projects without devitrification. Copper-based reactions will look light to deep red, while silver-based reactions develop as earth tones. Reactions are generally related to the amount of copper and silver content, heatwork and surface area contact. 

The Standard thickness is 3 mm. 90 COE.
Secondary image show examples of color reactions. Courtesy of Bullseye Glass.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.

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