6" x 6" Square Patty Gray Dam Mold

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Product Features

  • Designed by world renowned artist Patty Gray!
  • Made from high quality ceramic for many firings
  • Finished pieces require little to no coldworking
  • Finished casting measures 6" x 6"

Product Description

Internationally renowned glass artist Patty Gray has partnered with Creative Paradise to bring you this Dam Mold to expand your creative boundaries. Create incredible glass slabs and custom tiles that are thick, consistent, and have perfectly rounded corners; no need for coldworking. In addition, this portable mold means no more bending over your kiln assembling a dam on your kiln floor and positioning glass – you can do it all comfortably at your workbench and load it into your kiln with ease. Use the finished slabs as designer tiles, for roll-ups, drop rings, thick bowls or to cut fantastic pattern bars.

Mold measures 6-3/4" x 6-3/4" and creates a 6" x 6" tile. Mold must be elevated on kiln posts during firing; kiln posts sold separately. See size perspective of mold with quarter images shown. High quality ceramic mold can be fired many times. Coat with a casting primer before use.

Follow the links below to download this Free Project Guide and User Manual

Free Project Guide
User Manual

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Fused yellow dish by artist Stephanie O'Toole. Rainbow platter by artist artist Dyana Dulin.

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