Gears Mixture Fusion On Thin Black - 90 COE

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4" square 4" x 4" $43.95 USD
1/4 sheet 8" x 8" $131.95
sheet 16" x 16" $454.95

Item# 94411
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Product Features

  • A unique design and a bright mix of rainbow of colors
  • A great way to add interest and motion to your piece
  • Premium CBS dichroic coating
  • Tested compatible - 90 COE
  • Features designs by artist Chris Stell

Product Description

Imagine the Possibilities
High quality CBS dichroic has been combined with the fantastic designs of artist Chris Stell to create stunning glass for your art. Vibrant etched designs, featuring a graphic styling and steampunk inspiration, will lend a unique blend of industrial and artistic flair to your projects.
Gears pattern showcases the elegance of intricate wheels and cogs against a thin black background. 90 COE. CBS Dichroic Coating: Mixture.

Available in 4" x 4" squares or quarter circle sheets. Quarter sheets measure about 8" x 8" with a rounded edge - see an example of the approximate size in additional images.

Photo above is a general representation of glass colors. Colors may vary. Sizes are Approximate.